Mr. Nasir Uddin Chowdhury

Mr. Nasir Uddin Chowdhury
Mr. Nasir Uddin Chowdhury
President, Governing Body, CBIFT

BGMEA had a dream to establish a fashion institute in accordance with BUFT in Chittagong which came true with the establishment of CBIFT in 2013. Personally I feel proud to be a part of the success of this rapid growing institution. The prime objective of establishing this institute is to meet the growing demands of the manpower related to fashion and apparel industries home & abroad.

CBIFT was sponsored and established by BGMEA on 25th February in 2013 in affiliation with National University, Bangladesh and currently is offering B.Sc (Hon’s) in Apparel Manufacture & Technology (AMT) and B.Sc (Hon’s) in Fashion Design & Technology (FDT).

Earlier, the garment technologist’s job was concerned with garment fit, conformance to specification, supply chain and retailing. Now, the technologist’s role has been expanded to new product development process, ensuring products conform to legislation, and addressing manufacturing issues. Besides, checking the product over the whole size range and helping to resolve any issue arises, they have to be uniquely equipped with the requirements of designer and buyers, who typically do not have technical vocabulary. Technologists can be found assessing proto-type garments alongside the buyer, appraising make-up, fit and product presentation. Any decisions arising from these have to be communicated with the manufacturer by the technologist. CBIFT takes up arms to produce those types of technologists to meet the market demand.

All that is said above would not have been possible without dedicated teaching staff along with administrative team. I strongly believe that CBIFT graduates will be able to contribute effectively & efficiently in the RMG industry and make our economy more plangent.

Finally, I would like to thank BGMEA for its long term vision in establishing CBIFT. My best wishes to all who are giving their relentless effort to make CBIFT as a center of excellence.



Nasir Uddin Chowdhury

President, Board of Governors, CBIFT


Managing Director, Eastern Group.

Engr. Md. Abdul Mannan

Engr. Md. Abdul Mannan
Engr. Md. Abdul Mannan

Dear Prospective Students, Parents /Guardians & well wishers, warm greetings on behalf of CBIFT.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another”

                                                                                                            ———- G.K. Chesterton

I believe that the creativity is the need of the hour and it originates from imagination. Albert Einsteins words better explain this fact. He said that he is enough of the artist to draw freely upon his imagination. He believed that imagination is more important than knowledge and knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the world.

I believe it is true, according to me the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one and here of CBIFT we exactly do that. We allow you to open up your mind & imagination so that a boundless expression of emotions and thoughts reflects in the creations of your own that reflects your personality.

We of CBIFT, where creativity becomes an experience, nurture your skills, channelize your creative energy and enable you have a successful career. I believe that for an individual to succeed, whether in education, career or personal life, he/she should have a definite purpose. One should know what he wants and should possess a burning desire to achieve it. Passion, patience & perseverance is the key to this.

So I encourage you to always think positive & visualize your strength.

CBIFT is more than an institution; it was a vision that took a solid shape over the passing years. We are an educational institution that is not just only known and regarded for our courses but also for our ethics that nurture and strengthen one’s character & personality. Every student will step out of CBIFT, will be a complete person- “Morally, intellectually & professionally”.

No matter which career opportunity you choose from Apparel Manufacture & Technology (AMT) and Fashion Design & Technology (FDT), CBIFT promises to tap into your potential and to transform it into a highly rewarding career. Furthermore, CBIFT is the only Corporate Member of “The Textile Institute –UK”  in Chittagong.

I invite you to come, be a part of CBIFT & feel the difference in you. From my end I promise you exceptional standards of education & grooming that will value add to your career.




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